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Moving on up.

Big news for me. Mildly interesting news for you.

Remember when I drew this and declared that I wanted a house?

Well, guess what: the Sheffields, we's a-movin'.

This time next week will see us in a new abode, one that we *gasp* hope to buy soon!

[Insert squealing like a little girl and happy dances to the tune of "Totally Tulip."]

The circumstances of our move and potential purchase are a little unusual and I might eventually explain (or not, you know, whatevs), but for now what you needwant probably don't care to know is that we'll be in this house as renters for the time being, but hopefully as owners before too much longer.

This house has a lot going for it, and a lot going against it.

In the Pros column we have:
Location. It's in one of our favorite neighborhoods in town, and not too far from our current place.

Good bones. It is in pretty good shape, structurally speaking.

NO MORE STAIRS. Our apartment is upstairs and has the steepest, most exhausting stairs I…


A little bit of this and that for your reading pleasureenjoyment something.

1) I've realized that every time I take a turn while driving that is a little bit fast or hairy, I always make the sound effect of tires squealing. "Eeerrrttt!"

2) I inexplicably had this song pop into my head while walking into work this morning.

3) Although I've been saying for months now that I need to start exercising again, I've yet to find the motivation to make it more important than my snooze button. Muffin top, I just don't know how to quit you.

4) I ate two lunches yesterday. The first lunch was a homemade tomato soup, a Barefoot Contessa recipe that uses saffron. So fancy! The second was Chick-fil-a. Not fancy. What a complex (and gluttonous) creature I am.

5) I care that it's Prince George's 1st birthday today. So what? If I had the chance to meet William and Kate, we'd be besties and Sutton and George would be the cutest friends... at least until they saw me eat t…

Happy Tulip colors make me feel like dancing.

Crimp your bangs, whip your hair into a side pony, and tie up your tie-dyed tee, kids. It's time to enjoy a totally late-80s/early-90s fabric painting video tutorial.

You may be asking questions like:
Do happy Tulip colors really make you feel like dancing?
Will this song EVER get out of my head?

The answer to the last question is: no. Muwahahaha!!

Allow me to explain why I shared this peach of a video with you.

As kids, my sister Elizabeth and I would often spend a few weeks at my grandparents' house in southern Illinois. They didn't have cable, and the over-the-air channels left something to be desired for two kids spoiled by having Nickelodeon and its classics, such as Pete and Pete, Salute Your Shorts, and, of course, Hey Dude. You know, good, quality programming.

(Yeah, that's TWO videos for your viewing pleasure. Welcome.)
Oh, sure, we rode bikes, played outside, played Chinese Checkers and WAR, helped Mamaw make dinner and let Pawpaw take us for ice cream (y…

Diversionary tactics.

Happy Monday! Now, let's talk about Friday.

When my office instituted a "jeans Friday"--the one day of the week denim is now acceptable--I jumped on board wholeheartedly.

I'm not sure why it's so exciting to wear jeans to work. My jeans are no more comfortable than my slacks. Perhaps less so. But something about wearing jeans makes you think you are more comfortable than you really are, so I do it because I value thinking I'm comfortable above all else.

This past Friday as I sat at my desk working furiously, efficiently, and without wasting any time (maaayyyyybe), I noticed a white spot on my otherwise dark denim. Ahh... spit up. I forgot to check for that when I pulled these jeans from the bottom of my dirty clothes hamper to put them on that morning.

Fancy girl, right here!

Well, if you're going to wear dirty spit up jeans to work, you might as well work it, right? I had my cute sweater with the cute scarf and the cute flats to go with my cute, dirty, sligh…

My capsule wardrobe is a little too capsuley.

Before we begin, do a search on Pinterest for "capsule wardrobe." See all those pretty pictures? Yeah, that's what I thought my closet would look like by now.

Once upon a time, I declared that I would rid my wardrobe of drab and unflattering clothes. I would only have a perfect, thoughtfully put-together closet of clothes I LOVED. In a ruthless fury of emotion, clothes went flying. Ta-ta, stupid old clothes! I'm going to get better ones! I don't need you anymore!

Only, I was pregnant at the time, so I didn't get to see, practically speaking, what I was left with. Now I'm not pregnant. And I have no clothes. Well, that's not true, I do still have some clothes--society rather insists that I keep covered in some way. My point is, it turns out that it takes more than a major purge sesh to turn one's wardrobe into a perfectly put-together capsule wardrobe. It also turns out that not replacing some of the clothes you got rid of means your capsule-wardrobe…

I'm back like Britney.

'Sup, guys. It's been a little minute, right? Did you miss me?

("You've been away?" Yes, yes I have. Thanks for noticing.)

Since you're as giddy as a popular girl on yearbook day to find out how I've been, here is a brief rundown of what I've been up to since, ummm... February?

1) March: Learned that Prune Candy is a girl when she came forth unto this world after what felt like 9 eternites of pushing (acutally more like 2 hours). She's awesome and we love her like, um, a whole lot.

2) March-June: Took 3 months off work to be home with her. Learned that I definitely prioritize binge-watching various TV shows over cleaning house when a child is sleeping. Good thing I didn't quit work to stay home for good.

3) March-today: Intended to do all of the exercises. Actually did almost none of them. Still rockin' the muffin top.

4) June-today: Went back to work and put the baby in day care. (Confession: While emotional, it wasn't as tough as I …