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My handsome daughter.

Alternate title: My pretty son.

Tuesday was my baby girl's 8-month birthday. It was also Veteran's Day, so we had the day off work.

While home, Patrick's parents and grandmother dropped by our house unexpectedly, which turned into an unexpected lunch out with the family.

Patrick and I got the restaurant just a few minutes ahead of his parents and grandmother, so we waited outside for a few minutes. While waiting, a nice, grandmotherly-type lady approached us. You know how it is. You go out with a cute kid (and ours, obviously, is the THE CUTEST IN THE WORLD I LOVE HER SO MUCH), people are going to hound you like paparazzi stalking celebrities.

Hey! Over here! You, with the most gorgeous child in the world! God bless you and that sweet baby! Hey! Over here! Your baby is so cute! I wanna pinch her cheeks! Ma'am! Your daughter should be a baby model! Oh, my! Isn't she cute! How old is she? What a fun age! I love her shirt!
What? People don't call out to you with compl…