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Sorry I don't feel worse.

Since the news broke that my body is a dual-occupancy dwelling unit (me + 1), I've been asked the same few questions by numerous people.

I have to admit that as fun as it is getting lots of positive attention and love because Patrick and I managed to do something kajillions of other people have done (and it's also a blessing and a wonderful thing, yes, yes), I have a limit to how much I can discuss it.

It's like Wedding Planning 2.0. When we were engaged, it was fun to talk wedding ideas and plans... for a bit. After a while, I was generally ready to move on to another topic. Same with Baby Perfect, so-called because this child will be exactly that--perfect. (Duh.) I can talk about it for a little while. People who care naturally want to know what's going on. (So do people who are naturally nosey.) And I'm happy to fill them in... for a bit.

During the several brief conversations I've had with these caring (or nosey) people, I get the weird feeling that people ar…