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Of airplanes and animal-style burgers.

Oh! Hello there. Nice to see you again.

Yes, it's been a minute since you've last heard from me. Whether you missed me or wish I'd gone a little longer without giving you the lyrical poetry that is my writing--I'm very sorry. But if you wish I didn't post so much, why would you be reading? I must, therefore, assume that if you are reading this, you longed for my next post and are having fits of joy over this one!

You're so nice. :)

As I mentioned not too long ago when I gave you the picture of a goat as a teaser to our amazing California vacation, I told you I've been pretty busy. Normally, that's a sad excuse for all sorts of things, but for this blog and my lack of posts? Totally valid.

Erego, feeling no need to justify my long absence from the intertubs, I move on to telling you about,
Part I of our Totally Tubular California Vacation!
The first part of any vacation, really, is the anticipation of the trip. I began pre-planning outfits months in advance. …