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I humbly confess that I frequently misspell a number of words that I'm pretty sure I used to know how to spell. I'd at least wager that I managed to get many of my now poorly-constructed words spelled correctly on grade school spelling tests. (Or maybe not.)

Spellcheck has ruined me. I don't even type as well as I used to. Why should I, when Outlook automatically corrects "hte" to "the" for me? On the one hand, I do appreciate not having to try. On the other hand, I'm now dumber.


That said, there are some words that I DO still know how to spell. And because I know how to spell them, I assume the ENTIRE WORLD should also know how to spell them.

By some curious happenstance, I can spell "miscellaneous" without a second thought. But I'll seriously have to remind myself that it's "surprise" instead of "surprize." (That's how it sounds!)

You ever have those moments where your brain completely shuts down by refus…

Not dead.

I thought I'd take a moment to come out of hiding and let you know, I'm not dead. Also, I will probably finally be getting to Part II of the story of our Cali vaca (which, yes, occurred in APRIL) soon!

I know you've been waiting with bated breath. (Or not.)

In the meantime, here's a fun story:

Once upon a time, there was a lovely young lady. Her hair used to be blond but was now just kind of mousy, and her contacts had been bugging her the last few months so she wore glasses all the time. Yes, she was glamorous.

Then tragedy struck. She realized that in a month and a half she would be turning 31. Then she pouted; her husband even gave her a sympathy pout. But her husband will be in his 20's for a few more years (she has cougarish tendencies) so he really didn't get it. He tried, at least, and that matters.

The end.

Not as fun as I thought. Sorry.