In case you are curious about the point of this whole blog, or who the heck I am, here are a few Fun (and probably Boring) tidbits

Why did you start this blog? Because I read other blogs and thought to myself, "Self, surely you can be funny like these people are. At least some of the time. You enjoy making people giggle. So give it a whirl." And on a whim, I did. A bunch of months later, I've built nothing resembling a blogging empire and have few readers, but I keep going anyway.

What is it about? Like Seinfeld, nothing. JOr everything. Just whatever happens to be floating through my noodle, I put it down for you to enjoy. Or to kill 3 minutes of your lunch hour. Whichever. I'm happy either way.

Who are you, then? Bullet points are great for these kinds of questions. Let's dive in:
  • I'm a Christian. I know some people roll their eyes when they see someone define themselves that way. Umm... sorry? I guess? But it's becoming more and more how I want to define myself, so that hopefully I will more and more live in to being part of the body of Christ. Even if the body part I am is pinky toe, which some people think evolution is doing away with. I totally disagree. Pinky toes are here to stay. 
  • I'm a wifey. I can say "wifey" because once (and only once) Patrick referred to me as such when talking to someone else. And even though everyone says this (well, everyone who likes their husband), he's really just the best guy in the world. Bees Knees, gold star winner, warm fuzzies for life.
  • I recently brought forth a new life unto this world, which is to say that I had my first child, a daughter, in March of 2014. She's also Bees Knees, gold star winner, warm fuzzies for life.
  • I'm not hip or cool or rad. When I try, I fail.
  • If I had all the moneys, I'd dress myself out of a J.Crew catalog and be all preppy/chic/casual/cool. I do not have all the moneys, only some of them. Marshall's it is.
  • I struggle to find that fine line between "haha, you're funny" and "oooohhh, that was kind of mean." I do my best.
  • I've always lived in North Florida, so yeah--65 degrees is chilly.
I hope that was enlightening. If not, I hope you are still interested in reading this blog anyway.

Thanks for stopping by! (Good manners dictate I say that.)


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