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Aesthetically challenged feet enjoy relaxing times too: a PSA.

Serious topic today.

The "I'm relaxing with my feet up" picture.
On a beach? Cross your legs and capture the pristine sands and blue waters, with a sneaky little slip of your kicked-back feet at the bottom of the snap.
Enjoying a little "me" time a home? Set the snacks and the wine on the ottoman, and kick those feet up there (carefully!), cross them, and snap that totes cazh picture.
Chilling on the patio? You know what to do. Throw those feet up on the banister and get that snap of your pedicured piggies and that beautiful sunset!
So here's my issue.
I like to relax. I like to be at the beach. I like to drink wine and eat snacks alone (not that I get to do that anymore, but I like to). I like to look at sunsets and yards and be on porches with banisters.
It's extremely sad and unfair. 

No one will care that I'm on a beach when they see my skinny finger toes, all long and pale and unpolished. No one will care that I casually sip wine …

Da-da for the win.

Hey guys,

Remember when I said I was "really going to try to write more often?"

LOLZ. Oh well, disappointment is a part of life. You just learned a Fun lesson, didn't you?

But I'm back today to talk about.... MY BABY. Whatever, you'll live.

You know how babies "belong" to their mamas? Mama is a special person to a baby. They know--they just really know, man--that mom is the one who grew to previously unimaginable proportions in order to carry a whole separate person inside their belly, then pushed the proverbial watermelon out the proverbial hole a size of a lemon. 

Mama held that baby close in his or her first minutes of life. Mama gave up daily showers, sleep, and the ability to use their cognitive functions for CENTURIES (oh, weeks, whatever--feels the same) after baby was born.

Mama wore a frozen diaper as an ice pack for that baby.

And why? Because we love that baby. Love. LOVE. Lurve. We feel a deeply spiritual and primitively instinctual drive to care f…