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Post-vacation blues.

Well, folks, I'm fresh back from a wonderful, fantastic most Boring-est Fun vacation a girl could have hoped for.

This also means I am pooped.

As per the request of the more manly half of Norgren Duo (our gracious and amazing hosts--and cousins!), there will be tales of frolicking in meadows, of hiking mountains, of tasting fine wines, of exercising for the Fun of it, of sunning in SLO (San Luis Obispo), of eating clam chowda on the West Coast.

Of pregnant goats at yard parties.

But not today.

Today I am tired, back at work, and coming off my vacation high. Do not fear, though! I took copious notes and hope to be able to cobble something together that doesn't make you roll your eyes too hard or fall asleep with boredom.

Until then, here's a picture for you to whet your appetite for more.

Happy (almost) Friday.

Jeopardy trivia. (The answer is happy birthday.)

Because I'll do anything for a reader. (Within reason.)

Because I had a few minutes break at work.

Because he's a heck of a swell fella.

Question: What is, "why I'm making a single, solitary post to wish Mr. Fernando Senra a birthday full of absinthe wishes and caviar dreams!"

P.S. This is what that kind of birthday looks like:

P.P.S. Calories never count on birthdays!

Cotton brain: A recipe for a spectacularly bad blog post.

If you clicked on the link to read this post after having seen the title, then I absolve myself of all responsibility for your lack of enjoyment of this post. You've been warned.

You've heard folks say they feel like they have a mouth full of cotton balls when they "have food poisoning" (aka, they're hungover).

Well, I fell like someone has lifted the lid on my noggin (the hinges hide under my hair) and removed my brain, and filled the cavity with cotton balls.

"What the frank do you mean, Rebecca?"

Forgive me if my metaphor leaves much to be desired. What I mean is that I feel fuzzy. You ever have those days where your brain just feels sluggish? Slow? Fuzzy?

I already said "fuzzy"? Oh. Forgive me. I'm just really fuzzy today. Huh? Oh, sorry for repeating myself. I'm just so fuzzy-headed today.

It cannot be blamed on lack of sleep, even though I am putting in OT at work. I still manage to get in at least 8 hours of sleep.

Allow me to take…

The haps.


I know. You've been desperately wondering where I've been. "What's been the (Boring) haps, little lady?" You've asked, and yet I have not answered.

Well, sorry guys. I've been busy at work, working overtime and junk. That means when I get home, I'm not really eager to spend any more time staring at a computer than I've already done for the day. Really, ten or eleven hours is enough. (I've heard that Eight is Enough, too.)

However, I'll take a minute of my extremely valuable time (I italicized it to emphasize how extreme the value of my time is) to give you a little recap of what's been going on lately.

1. My dad has a talent, lately discovered, for falling and banging the s*^% out of himself. This week he has a seriously hurt (possibly broken) collarbone, banged up shoulder, hand, elbow, chest, etc. What happened? "I was carrying a bucket of dirt." Oh, and he tripped over something while carrying a bucket of dirt d…

Happy April! Now, about Christmas.

I can't help it. I just adore the Christmas season. I get giddy thinking about it.

Knowing full well I'll get a collective "DUH" from all of you, I'll go ahead and roll out that tired old line: However much I love Christmas, I do not like all the stress of the holidays.

(Yes, now is the time to say it. DUH.)

But you don't care if I love Christmas in April. You want to know why the frank I'm writing about Christmas in April.


It's not my fault. Promise. I was thinking perfectly Boring thoughts while browsing the interwebs, when I stumbled across an article about creating a plan to start prepping for Christmas now so that this year, I won't have to be in debt to my eyeballs and stressed out during what should be a joyful season.

Then I immediately created a document called  "Christmas 2013" listing the people I know at present I'll need to shop for and started trying to jot down some ideas.

Then I went to …